Board Retirements

We heartily thank our retiring Executive Secretary and Treasurer, Sue Rowdon, who is stepping down after 13 years of service to our Society. Sue has been in the roles of Regional Chair, Director At Large, Treasurer and Executive Secretary over these many years and we will miss her extensive knowledge about the running of our Society, its History and her dedication to our Breed.

Connie Arthur is stepping away from the Presidency due to family obligations. We will miss her calm, deliberate leadership and will count on her continuing to support our Breed. Thank you, Sue & Connie!

These Board Positions will be filled by the Board of Directors as outlined in the IDHSNA Bylaws: President (through 2018); Executive Secretary; and, Treasurer. A member in good standing and current through 2018 may apply to fill a position. Please contact your RC to submit your name.


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