Equine Affair 2017 Report

We had a great adventure at the Springfield, MA Equine Affaire again this year! We had lots of visitors at the Booth, some learning about our Breed for the first time, some who had heard about the Irish Draught and were wondering, many were educated about the difference between the IDSH & the ISH (!) and many came through to point out some of their favorite Irish horse and tell us about the Irish horse they have or their friend has or that they’ve seen competing!

We had Cori Oehley and Kilronan’s Image RID, aka Harley, holding court in the Breed Stall all day Thursday, he was such a gentleman, letting many hands give him a pat or a rub! Cori & Harley were scheduled to perform in the Demos on Saturday, but an uncooperative trailer foiled those plans, Next year!

Connie Walker, Melissa Drye and Katelyn Drake brought 6-year-old Bhreagh RIDSH back this year to shine in the Breed Stall Friday and Saturday! Bhreagh is another star for the public to pat & rub, so patient and friendly! Bhreagh & Connie showed in a Demo in the Mallory Building and were the only stars! Bhreagh was a soldier to enter the building singly and perform under the noses of the many spectators! Connie & she demonstrated dressage moves as our Script & music played. Then they hacked over to the Coliseum for a jumping demo with Katelyn in the tack! They followed a Greg Best jumping clinic so the fences were left up for our Demo, they were on the small side so Melissa Drye hiked up a few so Bhreagh could do some showing off! Again, Bhreagh performed solo without a hiccup, looking like she has been in the Coliseum daily! These horses are so professional!

Our Scripts were again produced by Sarah Evans Moore, thanks so much Sarah! And we so appreciate the efforts and time commitments from our Owners, helpers and the horses! Coming to Equine Affaire is lots of work and we are very lucky to have our dedicated participants!

We will continue to participate at Equine Affaire and welcome any and all Irish Draught bred horses to join in! If you would like to bring your horse in 2018, usually the second week of November, please contact Ann Morss - (585) 704-0985


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