IDHSNA Inspection Information (2018)

Inspection Refund - 2 weeks/ 400 miles

The IDHSNA will offer full refunds to members who decide not to attend an inspection outside of the 400 mile radius of their location, if they notify the office within 2 weeks of the inspection location announcement. Please send in those applications!

New this Year

There will be an opportunity to present previously inspected purebred mares and geldings for jumping merit awards and to present both previously inspected partbreds and purebreds for linear profiling. Please click here for application and additional information.

Inspection Application Deadline

In order for your horse to be considered in the location of the inspection sites, your inspection application with payment must be received by May 1. If your horse is not yet registered, you may still send in the application for inspection. The registration application may be completed later, but do not delay too long, as all documents for inspection must be completed 3 weeks prior to inspection. No exceptions.

Attend inspections

Please consider attending inspections, even if you do not have a horse to be inspected. Inspections are a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the breed, see a lot of Irish Draught Horses and Irish Draught Sport Horses in one place, and meet other breed enthusiasts.

Information about the IDHSNA, the horses, awards, registration, and much more can be found at |, the Irish Draught Horse Society of North America Facebook page, and through your regional chair, and the IDHSNA office.

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