The IDHSNA is primarily a volunteer organization and we need you (member in good standing) to join us on the Board of Directors! If you have ideas for ways we can improve our service, then join us and carry that ball over the goal post! Plenty of work to go around!

The following positions are up for Election this year to serve a 2-year term beginning January 1, 2019: 1. President 2. Treasurer 3. Director At Large (1 seat)

The following Regional Chairs would also hold elections if a member of the region is interested in running for the position: 1) Central Region 2) North East Region 3) North West Region 4) South East Region

Regional Chair positions are also a 2 year term serving 2019-2020 If you are interested in running for a Board Position please let us know! Every member is cordially invited to run for office! The very best way to know what is happening and to influence the Breed Organization is to volunteer.

Also note we have current opening for immediate seating of: Executive Secretary (serving through 2019) Director at Large (serving through 2019)

Please send the completed Nomination Form and a Pen Portrait of 300 words or less to the IDHSNA Vice President Karen Downer 24660 Lepley Rd. Gambier, OH 43022 OR Email to kmule_77@yahoo.com

This form must be received by Nov. 1, 2018. Receipt of the form will be acknowledged by email within 24 hours of receipt. Thank you!


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