For Inspection Information...Whom Do I Contact?

For INFORMATION about the IDHSNA Inspections, please contact our Registrar & Member Services Coordinator: Lucy Stevenson. Phone Lucy at 406-540-2199 or send her an Email. You may also reach Lucy Stevenson at 4617 Store Lane, Stevensville, MT 59870. Alternatively, contact your Regional Chair for information. A link to the Regional Chairs list is at the bottom of this section.

Which Horses are Inspected and Why?

Stallions and mares are inspected by a panel of inspectors from Ireland to make sure that they have excellent conformation, movement and temperament so that the quality of breeding horses remains high. Geldings may also be inspected. Purebreds can receive Registered Irish Draught or a Class 1-4 ID status. Part-breds become Registered Irish Draught Sport Horses.