Purebred Foal Book or Purebred Non-Breeding Book​​

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Purebred Registration Policies

Detailed registration policy for purebred Irish Draughts - updated and approved in June 2020. Includes information on inspection process as well.

Partbred Registration Policies

Detailed registration policy for partbred Irish Draught Sport Horses. Includes information on inspection process as well.

Registration Application Packet

This eight-page document is the complete packet for registering a new horse with the Society. It includes microchipping application and information. It has been updated to include Certificate of Pedigree applications, and there is an updated Schedule of Fees. Updated 04/01/2021.

Certificate Of Pedigree (COP) Policy

Any horse with verifiable, through DNA testing, Irish Draught Blood, and not eligible for registration as an Irish Draught Sport Horse, shall be eligible to apply for a Certificate of Pedigree (COP).

Purebred Grade-Up Policy Suspension

The BOD voted in April 2019 to suspend the current grade-up section of the purebred ID breeding policy. The attached PDF document lays out the reasoning of the BOD to suspend this policy, and details the questions and issues the BOD feels need to be answered and addressed prior to any future adoption of such a policy.

Microchipping Information & Form

Horse owner information on microchipping & form combined.

Marking Sheet (Fillable)

Fillable Form to complete and print.

IDHSNA Prefix Rules

These rules apply to the creation and use of prefixes. Approved Nov. 2017; Revised Nov. 2018

Pedigree Page

Identify your horse's pedigree (up to three generations).

Transfer of Ownership

Use this form to record a change in ownership of any horse recorded with the IDHSNA.

Certificate of Castration

Please use this form to record castration of horses registered with the IDHSNA. Official database and website records will not be changed until the Certificate of Castration has been recorded with the Registration Office.

Fee Schedule

Schedule of Fees updated 04/01/2021.

DNA Form

Updated in 2015.

Name Change Policy & Form

Adopted in 2016. Combined in 2018.

IDHSNA Horse Naming Guidelines

Please review these guidelines when registering a horse with IDHSNA. Approved Nov 2018.