Application for Performance Merit (Purebreds)

Use this form to apply for performance merit for your RID, Class 1 or Class 2 stallion, mare or gelding. Merit is available for their own performance, or their progeny's performance. Refer to Performance Merit System Rules for Purebreds for requirements.

Performance Merit System Rules for Purebreds

RID, Class 1 and Class 2 stallions, mares and geldings may obtain merits through their own performance, or in the case of stallions and mares, that of their progeny. This document explains the performance merit rating for bronze, silver, and gold merit for multiple disciplines. Applies to purebred Irish Draughts only. Merit awards can be applied for after the horse’s competition career is over, or even after its death, so long as the results can be verified.

YEA (Awards) Rules

Year-End Awards Rules (updated 3/2016). Contact information updated 10/2017.

YEA Activity/Results Reporting

You may download this Excel spreadsheet if you have Excel and wish to fill in the form on your computer. (You must save it on your computer to use it...) Updated 3/2016.

YEA Activity/Results Reporting

Year-End Awards Activity Reporting Form. Record your placings. Updated 3/2016.

YEA Alias Reporting

Updated 3/2016.

YEA Fox Hunting Reporting

Use this form to report the Registered Name and Competition Alias for participants in Year End Awards program.

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