Merit Awards are available to both purebred Irish Draughts and Irish Draught Sport Horses at inspection; this type of merit is referred to as inspection merit. The types of merit which may be earned at inspection include Bronze Merit for Inspection Jumping (ID and IDSH mares and geldings) and Merit for Type and Conformation (ID mares and geldings). Stallions may not earn merit at inspection.

Additionally, purebred horses may earn merit in a variety of disciplines through performance and/or the performance of progeny; this type of merit is referred to as performance merit or progeny performance merit. Requirements for Gold, Silver or Bronze Merit for Jumping, Eventing, and Dressage are listed on the website. Note that the requirements for stallions are different from those for mares and geldings.


We also have a Performance Merit program for Registered Irish Draught Sport Horses! Irish Draught Sport Horses who are registered with IDHSNA and have been approved for breeding and awarded RIDSH status, are eligible for additional recognition for performance in USEF licensed competitions in Jumping, Eventing and Dressage. Merit Awards are offered at three levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Performance Merit Awards may be earn based on a horses own merit, or that of progeny. See the Performance Merit System Rules for RIDSH for all the details.

In every case, a horse must be registered with IDHSNA and be successfully inspected in order to achieve Merit. 


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