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This page allows you access to view any Linear Profiles on record for horses that have completed the IDHSNA Inspection process since 2016.  Where available, photos have been included.  The folders are by Breed-Sex.  The folders are loosely in Alpha Order by name.  The arrow next to the Subheader "Name" will change your sort order up or down.

To SEARCH, please search by part of the name or by type designation:  IS-G, ID-S, ID-M; IDSH-G, IDSH-S, IDSH-M!  For instance, a search of ID-M should return all of the ID Mares with LP Records.  A search of Diamond should return all horses with Diamond in their name that have an LP on record.

Once in a sub-folder, you can go BACK to the Home folder ("Linear Profile") by clicking on the FOLDER ICON with the down-arrow in it, and the Home Folder name will pop up to be selected!

A single click on the name you would like to view will return a window with the respective Linear Profile.

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