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NEW Online Pedigree of all IDHSNA horses!

Finally! An online pedigree database of all IDHSNA registered horses.

This tool includes all of our Irish Draughts and all of our Irish Draught Sport Horses! Full pedigrees of our entire North American herd available for public viewing! There is a Search and an Advanced Search (and a super cool Search with Results) to locate any horse. Additionally, users can create Trial Matings/Pedigrees, easily find Progeny, and search for Siblings! So FUN!

Our talented webmaster Laurie Monroe (GrafX by Laurie) has, at her own expense, created this online pedigree database with IDHSNA provided data. For each IDHSNA-registered horse the data includes: Name, Gender, Registration #, Date of Birth, Breed Description, “Variety” which indicates if a horse is Approved (for breeding) or Class, Breeder’s Name and Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI for purebreds). Plus the IDHSNA Online Pedigree includes all our Irish Draught Sport Horses and Certificate Of Pedigree horses! (unlike the IDHS Australia pedigree website which has only spotty IDHSNA sport horses since 2008.)

Fine print: This data is a snapshot in time. The pedigree information was current when posted (June 15, 2022), however changes will not be immediately reflected. We anticipate quarterly updates. Breeding Approval is accurate for the North American herd, but for horses outside the IDHSNA Registry the data may NOT reflect their current status. Despite harmonization not all organizations share their data and there is no single database of all IDs or IDSHs anywhere. Like the IDHS Australia online pedigree, COI and other ID herd information from IDHSNA Online Pedigree does not include Irish-born horses since 2015 as HSI has not provided that data to any sister society for inclusion.

If you see something about your own horse which looks incorrect, please email the IDHSNA Registrar ( with details.

In the meantime, check out this amazing tool and start planning your next breedings right now!

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