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Saddle Pads

Updated: May 11, 2022

Saddle Pads with our IDHSNA Logo embroidered on the near side are available to order again! Dressage Pads are available in white, white w/black piping, solid black, and black w/grey piping. Available logo colors for dressage pads are: orange, white, and green to contrast. Cost: $54.00 (which includes shipping).

All Purpose Pads are also available in solid white, white w/hunter green piping, hunter green, and solid black. Logos are available in green, orange, and white to contrast. Cost: $44.00 (which includes shipping).

Payment can be made to the IDHSNA PayPal account . Please be sure to indicate in the note that you are paying for a Saddle Pad.

Or contact Ann Morss | | (585) 704-0985

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