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2022 Annual Blarney Correction(s)

Updated: Apr 18

Our membership should have received or shall very shortly (depending on how reliable your mail delivery is), the printed 64-page 2022 "The Blarney" annual magazine. There is a photo identification correction on Page 40 (Member News), where the captions and photos do not match on two horses. Attached is the corrected page to download.

Download PDF • 1.33MB

On Page 40 of the printed and mailed Blarney, the captions on Manu Fortis Proud Touch (C2ID) and TGS Lions Sunshine (RIDSH) need to be switched to be attributed correctly.

When the online version is loaded into ISSUU in approximately 60 days, it will have the corrections in it natively. Online versions of the published "The Blarney" editions are available through our publications page (


A Herd list correction from Page 54 has also been received. Not to worry, the Database record is correct! It translated incorrectly into the printed Herd List. Attached is the correct page to download.

Download PDF • 143KB


A correction on Page 36 has been received (FEH Championships article). Klearys Big Dreaming is an ID, not an IDSH. Attached is the corrected page to download.

Download PDF • 1.33MB