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2023 Inspection Interest!

Are you interested in having your Irish Draught or Irish Draught Sport Horse inspected for breeding privileges? Please fill out this form to express your interest. It is free! Your horse does not need to be registered (yet) and you do not have to be a member to express interest.

Completing the form helps us determine where there is interest (which parts of the country) as we start to plan. Plus you get a little mark on the Inspection Interest Map when we update it next ; )

Completing the survey does not imply a financial obligation, but will ensure you receive information and updates. Inspection sites are ultimately selected based on paid applications by a deadline. This survey is a planning tool only, so if the interest does not translate to paid applications, we will not be able to host an inspection at a site.

Have a friend whose horses are not yet on the map. Nudge them, message them, give them an old-time phone call and make plans to attend an inspection together : )

Note: Horses must be registered with IDHSNA before inspection. Final determination of sites is based on PAID applications received by the deadline. Watch for the 2023 inspection application coming soon. But if you have read this far and not already done so, tell us if you are interested in inspecting a horse in 2023.

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