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Apply for 2024 Inspection NOW

Is your Irish Draught or Irish Draught Sport Horse ready to be inspected for breeding privilege? Great! Now is the time to complete an application and send in the fees. Inspections are tentatively scheduled for mid-September. Inspections sites and dates will be determined based on completed and paid applications postmarked by May 1*. But no need to wait. Help us plan inspections by sending your application and fees in as early as possible. Click below to view/auto-fill/download the Application PDF.

Inspection-Application-and-Letter-2024 fillable
Download PDF • 508KB


March 12 to May 1 Completed applications with payment will be used to determine inspection sites! Don't wait. Apply today!

May 1  Last day applications with fees may be postmarked to count towards site locations.

May 2 - June 15 Accepting application with payment and no late fee.

June 16 - July 1 Accepting application with $80 late fee required.

July 1 The last day applications will be accepted for 2024 inspections. $80 late fee

August 1 All horse registrations must be complete and all paperwork must be completed (for example stallion pre-vetting)

2024 Inspection Fees: 

Geldings (at least 2 years old) $135 Member / $185 Non-Member

Mares (at least 2 years old) $395 Member / $450 Non-Member

Stallions (at least 3 years old) $710 Member / $765 Non-Member

Deferred Horse fee $135 Member / $160 Non-Member

For questions about horse eligibility for inspection, contact the Registrar (scroll down for Member Services). If you have any questions about the inspection process, please contact your regional chair (click the appropriate Region in the right side banners).

Refunds: Full refunds are available for 2 weeks following the announcement of inspection locations. Thereafter refunds will be 50% of the paid fee.

All horse owners, enthusiasts and interested parties are invited to join us at inspections! We will also be looking for volunteers. So keep an eye on this website and our social media for current information. We hope to see you at a 2024 inspection site!

*Scheduling inspections in our vast North American geography is no easy task! The IDHSNA Board of Directors must balance the substantial financial commitment of inspections with the need for horse owners to know exactly when and where inspections will be held! The BOD strives to accommodate the majority of motivated and interested horse owners by prioritizing those whose payments are received by May 1 .

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