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Linear Profiles

Linear Profiles are a powerful tool for breeders. IDHSNA has several years of Linear Profiles now viewable on this website! Linear profiling is an attempt to create a standardized numeric and graphed description of a horse based on its characteristics. At inspection a horse is both graded and profiled. The inspectors first complete the Lower Beam, which is the trait portion of the profile. For the purebred linear profile, 45 conformation and/or athleticism and movement characteristics are listed. IDHSNA's partbred profile includes 44 traits as it excludes "type". Remember, the "average" or middle 3 data points, are not necessarily the "best" or ideal result, for example the trait "Scope" has a continuum that runs from "little" to "much". Clearly more scope is preferred! So take a little time and get to know the Linear Profile traits! Access is via the Inspection pull-down menu.

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